new products

New products of MAPCS  includes the following:

  • ESM250 (Industrial Ethernet Switch)


10/100BaseT(X) and 100BaseFX Ethernet interfaces

Turbo Ring and RSTP/STP for Ethernet redundancy

SNMP and e-mail alerts for event trapping and notification

Low power consumption

more …

  • DIO550 (Digital Input/output Module)
  • BPM912 (MAPCS New Backplane)
  • PSA983 (MAPCS Power Module)
  • BEF951 (BUS to Fiber optic converter)
  • MAPDM (MAPCS Diagnostics and Monitoring software)

What is MAPDM?

MAPNA Diagnostics & Monitoring tool

Almost in every domain it is of importance to be aware of live computers and processes running on them. The main goal of this software is to monitoring some machines by their IP and reporting some specifications about them, specifications such as:  Mac address, hostname and computer name (any / all), status of a specific process and field devices as well.  More…