MAPView & MAPView +


Visualization of the process under control is performed in MAPCS using a powerful HMI/SCADA application named MAPVIEW. This application which has been developed from the ground-up using Microsoft .NET technology runs on Windows XP, vista and 7 operating systems provides advanced graphics and animation capabilities for creating optimum interactive experience for the operators. As part of the object oriented software architecture for design and configuration of the MAPCS, the MAPVIEW+ complements and extends the features of MAPIDE to the area of human process interaction and has seamless preconfigured integration to the MAPIDE, vastly simplifying the job of the engineers who configure and program the entire system. Advanced data, alarm and history unifying architecture (in the sense of OPC) provides users of the product with an unparalleled capability to mix and match different pieces of information from a variety of sources such as the MAPCS itself, third party H/W through OPC servers, Database applications and enterprise systems to build a rich uniform control information layer inside the overall MAPCS architecture.


Based on the project configuration made in the MAPVIEW+ environment, the operators can navigate through the graphic pages, bring-up faceplates, manage process alarms, review trends, and predefined reports, and issue commands to the control system in MAPVIEW runtime application.